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By Laws


Basic Rules of the Game


Age Group Length [yds] (Max / Min) Width [yds] (Max / Min) Goal Area [yds] Penalty Area [yds] Penalty Mark [yds] Goal Size [ft] Center Circle [yds]
U-8 70 / 50 50 / 20 5 15 None 6x12 8
U-10 80 / 50 60 / 50 5 15 10 7x21 8

U-12 and Up will follow FIFA guidelines when laying out field dimensions.

A 10 yd encroachment area will be set off of the arc on the corner.

Teams will take positions on the same side of the field, with the following coaching technical areas defined:

  • U8 - Coaches on the field
  • U10 - 15 yd to Midfield
  • U12 & Up - 10 yd to Midfield

Maximum of two coaches are permitted within the technical area of the field, unless otherwise noted above.

NO Spectators or coaches are permitted along the goal line of the field.

Parents are required to sit on the opposite side of the field from the teams.

Age Group Ball Size Weight [oz]
U6 & U8 #3 10-12
U10 & U12 #4 12-14
U14 & Up #5 14-16

Age Groups Players on Field Minimum to Play Roster Size
U-8 7 5 10
U-10 7 5 12
U-12 11 7 15
U-14 & Up 11 7 18

  • U-8 substitute on the quarter
  • U-10 and older free substitute with the consent of the referree:
    1. Prior to a throw-in in your favor
    2. Prior to a kick-off
    3. Prior to a goal-kick by either team
    4. Upon issuance of a yellow card (only players involved may be substituted, if so, opposing team may sub like number.)
    5. On Injury (Only players involved may be substituted, if so, oppossing team may sub like number.)
    6. If a coach is called onto the field the injured player must be removed. *There is no limitation on substitutions, except to guarantee that each player plays at least on half (1/2) of the game.

    Protective eyewear is strongly encouraged for those players visually impaired.

    Protective eyewear includes sports goggles that are certified for contact sports.

    Metal cleats are banned in all CVYSL programs.


    Age Groups Period of Play Half-Time
    U-8 4 - 10 minutes 10 minutes, 2 minutes at Quarter
    U-10 2 - 25 minutes 10 minutes
    U-12 2 - 30 minutes 10 minutes
    U-14 2 - 35 minutes 10 minutes

    Anything over U-14 will be played according to FIFA laws of the game.

    The time for halftime break is the maximum time and may only increase due to extreme heat at the referees discretion with approval of both coaches.


    RESTART OF PLAY AFTER TEMPORARY SUSPENSION - If one team had clear possession of the ball when play was stopped, the referee shall award that team an indirect kick


    No offside will be called in U-8. Though it is not called, if a player consistently is in an offside position, the referee may approach the coach at a stoppage of play for correction


    In Girls' Only League - Girls may cross their arms over their chests to protect themselves as long as they do not propel the ball in a way to gain advantage for themselves or teammates.

    NO Slide tackles are permitted in the CVYSL recreational league.

    A goalkeeper may not be charged, interfered with, or impeded in any manner while in possession of the ball.

    U-8 any offense warranting a card in older age groups will result in the player sitting out the remainder of that half. At the referee and coaches discretion. No cards should be shown at this age level.

    U-10 and UP referees are asked to use their best discretion before issuing any cards.

    Any incident requiring a card to be issued, will require the referee to file an incident report within 48 hours of the completion of the game.

    Any player receiving a red card will automatically be suspended for one game. Any player receiving more than 5 yellow cards in a season will sit out their next game.

    Coaches can be carded, spectators can not be carded. However, if in the referees determination, their actions are not appropriate for the level of play, the coach or spectator may be asked to leave the field until the conclusion of the match.

    Again, if this choice is undertaken by the referee then an incident report must be filled out.

    There is NO appeal on referee decisions.

    Any spectator asked to leave the field during a game may be required to observe a one-game suspension based upon board decision.


    No penalty kicks will be taken in U8. Instead an indirect free kick from the point of the infraction, unless in the goal area, where the ball is moved out to goal line closest to the point of the infraction.


    U-8 will get two attempts to make a correct throw-in.

    U-10 and above will not be granted a second attempt and will lose possession if throw in is not completed correctly.










Sportsmanship Teamwork Strength Character Discipline Dedication

We welcome all children, regardless of race, creed or national origin.

Our league is registered as a non-profit organization. We appreciate the generous support of the community, local merchants, and civic organizations.

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